Game Server Hosting on Linux or Windows VPS


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Aug 22, 2020
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In the World where everyone is obsessed with “Games” Age and Gender do not matter. With the recent growth in technology, people turned to play multiplayer Games online instead of buying Expensive Gaming Consoles. All you want is just Computer and Internet connection.

Importance of Hosting a Game Server in a Professional Data Center
Over the last few years gaming industry has become one of the most quickly growing area. Decision of choosing a proper platform with appropriate resources is somewhat crucial when you are facing neck to neck competition.

We strongly recommend hosting your game server in a professional data center. Professional data center offers you state of the art infrastructure at your finger tip. You will have a reliable & easily scalable network, latest security tools, continuous support, flexibility in hardware expansion and also reduced requirement for your in house IT department.

VPS Hosting – best solution for running a Game Server?
VPS Hosting technology was introduced to provide robust resources at affordable prices. VPS are affordable in price and offers latest tools in technology, that means, you will have better resources at affordable price.

Cutting edge technologies like Hyper-V on your VPS will ascertain that your Game server will run smoothly.
Apart from technology advantage, other eye-catching benefits of using VPS for hosting your Game Server are as following:

  • Most VPS servers come with a static IP address which is a primary requirement for a multi-player Game server.
  • You have full administrative access to install and manage your Game server through A Remote Desktop. Setup of Game server using RDP is like installing a game server on your local machine.
  • VPS servers are easy to access and Gamer can easily update server files as they are changing in their local machine.
  • Gamers can install Proxy Server to run a Game server.
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